Public Nudity, Watersports, and Other Naughty Mischief

The thrill of public nudity is an important part of what makes PublicFlash videos arousing for those watching and showing off. Getting caught drives desire and the idea of doing something naughty is often enough to get one to climax.

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Custom Videos

Please Read Everything Carefully

General Info

Thanks for your interest in ordering a custom video! If you would like us to create a flashing video specifically for you, then you have come to the right place. All videos are shot and delivered in digital form, in 4K format/resolution. Please read all the information, then fill out the order form at the bottom of this page.


  1. Come up with a short script (sample scripts ideas are below)
  2. Form with the script is submitted along with the payment
  3. We reach out to models once the payment clears
  4. Filming date is set
  5. Video editing is completed within 3 days of the filming
  6. Link to the video is delivered via email

Pricing Guide

Pricing generally covers location, model fees, photographer/videographer and basic video editing. Any props requested by the buyer are extra.

10-minute video 15-minute video 20-minute video 30-minute video
$200 $250 $300 $350

The Fine Print

Production process will begin once payment is made in full and clears. Not all models are available immediately, however, an exact shoot date will be provided in a timely manner. reserves the right to resell custom script videos via any medium without consent of script writer unless arrangements are made prior to filming. Typical turn around period is 3 days after filming (less in most cases). Videos are sent as downloadable mp4 file. DVD versions may be ordered in addition to digital download for an additional fee. Purchaser is at no time owner of the material delivered and therefore may not reproduce, sell or post videos on any clip or media sharing websites.


Due to the nature of this business, refunds after production starts are not granted. If a refund is requested prior to filming, a 50% fee will be refunded. 100% refund will be made if production cannot be completed due to model cancellations, inability to shoot desired content or other unforeseen conditions.

Script Changes

In some instances, script changes may be made up to 24-hours prior to shoot date, however, many times preparation begins long before models arrive. Please understand that script revisions such as scene, content, model, wardrobe or prop changes may not always be feasible.


We do our best to find the right girl for your script, however, everyone has different limits and in rare cases, we may not be able to duplicate the script exactly. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at webmaster @ publicflash com

Sample Script
Sample 1: Please have the girl sit/eat at a fast food restaurant with a remote control vibrator in her pussy. Try to make her cum while she is eating in a public place. Ask her to expose her tits when there are people around.
Sample 2: Ask the girl to repeat my name as she mastrubated in a public/outdoor area.
Sample 3: Please have the girl pee somewhere where she has a chance of getting caught. The have her mastruabate.


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